Customs Brokerage

TFLI customs brokerage uses the latest customs software and interface connection to process customs entries electronically from classification leading to the fast processing and release of your cargo. Our software edits for other government agency requirements ensuring each entry is processed properly. TFLI can file all entries at the customs limit of 5 days prior to arrival, which usually means the cargo is cleared when the vessel arrives at any entry point in the USA.

TFLI Customs Brokerage works closely with both our foreign agents and our customers to obtain the ISF data from the shipper in a timely manner and file Importer Security Filing (ISF) 10 + 2 prior to departure to assure the proper AMS requirements are met.

TFLI Customs Brokerage will file any and all types of entries including Informal, Quota, Temporary Importation, Antidumping/Countervailing, Warehouse and Foreign Trade Zone. We also offer assistance with the clearance of Household Goods and Personal Vehicles.

TFLI Customs Brokerage can provide you with continuous or single entry bonds and marine insurance at competitive rates. Continuous Bonds and Marine Insurance offer important benefits and should be part of your import transactions.

All TFLI customs clearances will be performed in a timely manner and we will provide the most current status to clients at the time of entry. As a customs broker, TFLI will liaise with all related agencies and transportation entities to assure your cargo is in the right place at the right time.